Rev. Taylor Kue (Xf. Nom Lwm) is the Senior Pastor of Hmong Alliance Church. He and his wife, Pang, served as missionaries to the Thai people for over 24 years. He also served as the Hmong District Superintendent for 4 years.

Rev. Kue has a pastor's heart and is missions-minded. He loves his members and caring for their spiritual growth. He also has a burden for lost people. He plans to plant a new church in the North Minneapolis area.

Pastor Taylor Kue

XF. Nom Lwm

Pastor Andrew Chang

Xf. Andrew Tsab

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Xf. Andrew Chang is husband to his beautiful wife Mary Chang and father to handsome twin boys Obadiah and Micaiah. Xf. Andrew graduated with a B.A. in Pastoral Leadership from Crown College. He is currently serving as the youth pastor. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports. Xf. Andrew loves the triune God and strives to rightly handle the Word of God (1 Timothy 2:15). He loves his wife, twin boys, and the church.