Hmong Alliance Church is located in Coon Rapids, a suburb of



Hmong Alliance Church started in 1983 with 15 families meeting in South Minneapolis. Our little faith community was renting a facility in the area under the leadership of Kx. Tsaav Nyaj Kwm. Over the next nine years, God would faithfully grow this church until in 1992, Hmong Alliance Church would go on to own our own facility.


After some substantial growth in our congregation, we purchased a building in Minnetonka, a western suburb of Minneapolis. We are incredibly proud to have been able to send two of our own to be missionaries in Thailand. In 1992, we sent Kx. and N. Kx Nyiaj Kaub Lauj to Thailand, where they would eventually live and serve for over 25 years. Under new leadership, Hmong Alliance Church continued to meet in Minnetonka for a few years before another move.


We unfortunately moved out of our Minnetonka facility in 1995. Significant changes in leadership and in our congregational dynamics ended up relocating us back in the South Minneapolis area. We resettled in South Minneapolis for nearly a decade. Here, God faithfully grew our congregation again over the following 9 years. It was after these 9 years that God called us out of South Minneapolis for the second time.


In 2004, Hmong Alliance Church made the move from South Minneapolis to Coon Rapids in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis. It was at this point that Coon Rapids became the home of Hmong Alliance Church and we would continue to do ministry in this area even until today.


As our congregation grew, our leaders started to hold a second service in English. For decades, the church service was spoken and conducted in Hmong. For the first time, we dedicated a time and place for our young people to worship God in the language that they knew and understood.


Our most recent move was in 2013 when we moved from the Ilex & 115th neighborhood to the busy corner of Hanson & 113th. After renovating the old Anoka-Hennepin district office, our new facility spanned over 25,000 square feet on 7 acres of land. Our sanctuary would be large enough to hold over 500 people and it's out of this facility that Hmong Alliance Church continues to operate to serve God in loving Him and loving all people.