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Chairman: Vam Leej Vaj   

Phone # 763-331-1566            


Treasurer: Niam Xeev Txus Vaj   

Phone #: 651-494-7196


Secretary: Niam Nuj Txeeg Vaj   

Phone #: 763-656-9705 


Vice-Chair: Tsav Txhiaj Yaj           

Phone #: 763-501-4136

              Evangelism Team’s Vision and Goals

                           Year 2022

                Vision: To see the lost get saved.


  1. To promote evangelism within the church through announcement and the table.

  2. To provide evangelism training workshop to the church once a year.

  3. To find ways to share the Gospel to the none-believers.

(Year 2022) We plan to do 3 events to donate food and household items to none-believers to create an opportunity for the people to hear the Gospel.


We believe the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20.  Witness about Jesus Christ of worldwide is our priority task of the church.  We commit ourselves to support the Great Commission funds and hold missions conference yearly.

Up Coming Events

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