Children's Ministry


Children Ministry Director

Nam Ntxoov Lis Thoj (PaShoua)   

Cell Ph: (763) 442.8838


Children Church Coordinator

Nam Xeem Pov Tsaab (Aliah)

Cell Ph. (612) 242.7772


Children Secretary

Nam Tuam Lis (Yer)

Cell Ph:(651) 497-5157

Children Treasurer

Nam Nom Txoov Yaaj (Ia Ong)

Cell Ph. (612) 229.6594

Nursery Coordinator           

Nam Txawj Zoo

(612) 222.1144

 Media  &Video

 Nam Xeev Pov Tsaab

1.      Moral Character


One of the most important objectives of a children's ministry is to build moral character in them through Sunday School, Children’s Church Services, Mission and applying the Bible Rules (BIBLE) into their life.  Helping children in making a strong connection about what it means to be a good Christian, faithful servant, and church goers. An example of a faithful servant is by giving. Give money to church faithfully (money bags offer during Sunday School) is a great way of practicing faithful servant. Another way to teach children about helping those in need through CM Mission work.


2.      Fellowship Time


Establish close friendships with Christian children through Praise and Worship, Games Time and Children Performances so that they can grow spiritually strong together to please God. This is essential and beneficial for school age children to encourage them to learn to make friends and how to deal with peer pressure.


3.      Knowledge of Biblical Truths


Provide a strong knowledge of biblical truths in the children ministry through Bible Times, Puppets drama and Art and Craft.  When children learn to see events and issues in their lives from a biblical worldview, they can be more discerning in the decisions they make as they grow to young adulthood.